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Subsea Diamond Wire Saw Ø770

Part number: 6945-070

IKM Technology Subsea Diamond Wire Saw can be attached to a pipe using its claws and cut through pipes by running the hydraulic motor. It is designed to be handled by ROV with hydraulic supply and controlled by its manipulator. Perform universal cutting operations with exceptional performance and long service life. Designed to cut all sorts of materials.

Claws can be replaced if specific interface is required.

Standard wires to be supplied with saw are diamond wire for steel and diamond wire for concrete.

Within capacity for most Work Class ROV’s.

Type Cutting - Diamond Wire
Model Ø770
Part Number 6945-070
Dimensions L-W-H 2099 x 1370 x 515 (L with handle: 2099 ) mm
Weight Air 235 kg
Weight Water 152 kg
Cutting Diameter 0 - 770 mm
Hydraulic Connection Type ¾?? JIC
Working pressure - min/max 97 / 160 bar
Flow rate - min/max 38 / 60 LPM
Motor 46 cc
RPM max 750 - 950 RPM

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