Subsea Compensator 6 liter

Part number: 6315-004

IKM Technology Subsea Compensator general purpose is for temporary underwater hydraulic systems. It provides a given volume and pressure for oil-filled subsea equipment. Recommended direction for installation is vertical. Designed, tested and used for compensation of oil-filled cavities on temporary subsea equipment as ROV’s and ROT’s.

Various types and models.

Empty compensator sensor (electrical) is optional for some compensators.

Type Subsea compensator
Model 6 liter
Part Number 6315-004
Material POM, stainless steel, aluminium and rubber
Fluid Mineral Oil
Weight Air 14,3 kg
Weight Water 8,09 kg
Length compressed 383 mm
Length expanded 586 mm
Ø Flange 250 mm
Ø Body 220 mm
Pressure empty (10%) 0,15 bar
Pressure full (90%) 0,40 bar

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