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Subsea Compensator 30 milliliter

Part number: 6231-010

IKM Technology Subsea Compensator general purpose is for temporary underwater hydraulic systems. It provides a given volume and pressure for oil-filled subsea equipment. Recommended direction for installation is vertical. Designed, tested and used for compensation of oil-filled cavities on temporary subsea equipment as ROV’s and ROT’s.

Various types and models.

Empty compensator sensor (electrical) is optional for some compensators.

Type Subsea compensator
Model 30 Milliliter
Part Number 6231-010
Material POM, Stainless steel, aluminium and rubber
Fluid Mineral Oil
Weight Air 0,127 kg
Weight Water 0,041 kg
Length compressed 81 mm
Length expanded 114 mm
Ø Flange 58 mm
Ø Body 49 mm
Pressure empty (10%) 0,05 bar
Pressure full (90%) 0,80 bar

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