Subsea AX/VX Mechanical Ring Tool

Part number: 7166-002

IKM Technology AV/AX Ring/Gasket Tool for removal and installation is a pure mechanical tool with no requirements for hydraulic or electrical supply from ROV. This gives the operator the option to transport the tool to/from the worksite without recovery of the ROV. Suitable for use with or without tubing hanger installed in the wellhead for any Work Class ROV with manipulator. Designed for use with standard manipulator fingers, either P/A or 3-finger.

No need of hydraulic supply.

Other ring sizes on request.

Type AX/VX Ring Tool
Model AX/VX Ring removal & Installation tool
Part Number 7166-002
Ring size 18-3/4''
Operation Manipulator operated
Weight Air 37,0 kg
Weight Water 19,5 kg
Dimensions - H 716 mm
Dimensions - H w/o fishtail 400 mm
Dimensions - Ø 780 mm