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Lifting Platform

Part number: 7259-002

IKM Technology Subsea Lifting Platform is designed for transport of tools and equipment. It is a lightweight cage made of stainless steel and  is designed to lift various tools and equipment. It is made with a center pole for lifting or it can be lifted from its corners. The open platform makes it easy to load and unload equipment.

Part nr 7259-002 – lifting platform.

Part nr 7259-001 – platform with basket.

Walls of the basket are 710mm from the bottom the platform to the top of haches.

Haches open from center and outwards.

Type Lifting/Transport
Model Lifting Platform
Part Number 7259-002/001
Dimensions L-W-H - basket 2000 x 2000 x 210 mm
Weight Air 458 kg
Weight Water 356 kg
Payload 2000 kg
Forklift pockets Yes

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