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Basket 1,6 tonne

Part number: IKM-1047834

IKM Technology Subsea Basket is designed for transport of tools and equipment. It is a lightweight cage made of stainless steel and with foldable lifting arms for easy access for load and unloading. Made with a hatch to assure that nothing falls out of the basket while lowering or lifting the basket in heavy sea. Can be used with or without lid. When lid is used, it will be locked in closed position by the lifting yoke.

Type Lifting/Transport
Model Basket 1,6 tonne
Part Number IKM-1047834
Dimensions L-W-H - basket 2500 x 1500 x 1500 mm
Dimensions L-W-H - folded 2500 x 2000 x 1700 mm
Dimensions L-W-H - lid/yoke up 2500 x 2000 x 3000 mm
Weight Air 582 kg
Weight Water 407 kg
Payload 1000 kg
Forklift pockets Yes

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